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Lurking Shadows
Waking every morning now,
looking into the mirror,
the bags under my eyes seem to grow,
and become a much darker shade,
it's like I have become a bandit or something,
trying to wake up from dreamless sleep,
the flesh below the eyes,
soft and very tender,
signs of tear lines river down,
faded wet stains they have become,
showing what skin is dense out,
my back is stiff,
boxed tightly against a rock,
and a hard place that might have spikes,
thin as needles rattling my nerves only more,
taking a calming breathe,
does little right now,
yet there isn't much else,
it's becoming another morning,
that won't pull me out of this deep grave,
that is more of a sink hole,
growing to my horrors,
it might not be anything else to danger,
nothing is coming close to be threating,
yet that shadow of emotions are near,
lurking over my shoulders,
stalking me even as I take a simple stroll,
just to get away for a moment or two,
unlikely but all the more welcoming,
thinking back on strolls before,
:iconawkardoddone:AwkardOddOne 0 0
Caution Hope
Every step I am taking now,
is a caution story that I might,
one day be able to laugh back on,
but as right now,
it's going to be judgement day all the way to July 14th,
I never thought a fear to a number,
would feel so real right now,
but soon,
as time is ticking away here,
I got nothing else to say for this,
everything went well,
things were solid,
everything checked out,
still feels lonely waiting for news,
from inside the ring,
to burst out,
come by dusk is a relaxing time,
to just breathe,
because between now to that due date,
everything about those temptation warning color stripes,
I for a moment got a peace of mind,
I just wished there was more control for time,
because a steady wind of season,
could change all that,
still scared,
but still strong,
the future is a shock and awe,
for a reason,
and we just keep on swinging,
by that,
come near this is just a bad dream,
:iconawkardoddone:AwkardOddOne 2 6
Bullshit Choice
You either have a home,
lose a home,
make a home,
become a home,
or you just never had one,
becoming that of an island,
sinking down a sand hole,
where else it could have been,
have as seen his lesser evils,
thinking that maybe she'll make a choice,
there is always a they or them,
but sometimes the he's and she's fall short,
to a less degree,
linger downward of sadness and envy,
painting yourself in hues that is blue all the way to green,
sure you want everything as simple,
like of how the good old times,
that bitty old lady in those shows,
that was like everyone's grandmother,
would make the best pie,
giving some kind of comfort inside and out,
though sadly no,
it can't always work like,
even if some wish that was true,
it can't be done like that,
though is there that night,
where you just wake up,
and see that everything is a fantasy,
being able to just easy things,
like for one thing;
eat to one's content,
bare an open heart on how you got it,
shamelessly compare it another,
and see
:iconawkardoddone:AwkardOddOne 2 4
Little Brother World
Oh on how so,
little brother world,
you linger in ways,
bitter so,
of a cruel battle that can't be won,
yet you fight until you are blue,
in the face and soul,
out of everything that has happen,
you have this will,
all have just forgotten,
because they don't see that self worth anymore,
much more worst than the common wrongs of taking away,
the facts are there,
the emotions that peak us to bleed,
the mind is open to learn,
and the hands are ready to get dirty,
it's a small start to go on,
these are your spawn here world,
better listen then,
so just see of how men and women,
will forever be divided,
or even how children will come close,
to be seen as a second wind,
it will never be home,
this place we live in right now,
this slow forming black hole,
will never be home,
because we keep finding what tears us apart,
more than finding what makes us the same,
the judge of who is right and wrong,
will come last and should be last,
what is leading up to it,
is a here and now moment,
that shoul
:iconawkardoddone:AwkardOddOne 1 4
Free Write No. 78
Homeless Soon
I am never one to speak about personal stuff,
not even out of whim,
and if I do,
I tend to cover it as an every day thing others can relate on,
but right now,
I don't think I can live up on this matter that is just,
plaguing my mind is something that is slowly grip here,
I can be all smiles if I want to be,
and give everyone the right push,
yet somehow when I do it for myself the out lashing is much harsher,
could be who is around me at this moment,
could be that I don't want to face the reality of what is front of me,
yet here I am,
still unsure of how things are going to be,
because right now I have no control of what is going to happen,
I am just going to lose everything up to this point,
I can't do anything because in hindsight,
it's not any of my goddamn busyness and I have no rank to fight this,
yet there are those who can fight this and are doing nothing,
everything is going to be lost and in the outcome of it,
out on the streets is the results of this,
if nothing
:iconawkardoddone:AwkardOddOne 1 0
Mature content
Time Recklessly Alive :iconawkardoddone:AwkardOddOne 0 2
Wave Legends
Everyone has a hero they look up,
a role model that guides them into a person,
they want to become,
at times from the outside world,
that role model may not make a lick of sense in the long run,
but if anything for how open minded it can be,
leads to a whole new level for oneself to own later in life,
most heroes that count are mostly in the history books,
and looking through of how big that list is,
from the goods and evil,
there is something from those legends,
makes an impact for it in everyone,
take away all the problems that caused wars to last,
news leaders to form new lands,
dictators to roam as they pleased,
someone looks up to them about what they did,
enlighten of that out there in open,
it does and doesn't lead to the best results,
because in how one leader to leader wants to get things done,
how they did it is never the same but their goals are the same plan,
just painted over and owned by a new founder of a keeper,
going down to that of modern heroes today,
from the big sc
:iconawkardoddone:AwkardOddOne 2 5
Dream Abusing
The skin wasn't aged,
nor very much smooth,
though there some bits that ash,
while other chances it scarred,
around along the forming winkles could come,
overcome by that,
does that mean it happen,
after the run of a life,
wanting nothing else,
but to leave,
to just to give frantic calls above,
running away,
to anywhere else but where one stands from that,
on anything else,
to ask about a chance of a life,
to get away from troubles, rooks to bishops on a chest board,
no signs of winning,
so signs towards an exit that look promising,
maybe that alone should have been the tip,
yet more or less,
it was a warning not heed for the need,
and why everyone who would look at abuse,
as a sad dream.
:iconawkardoddone:AwkardOddOne 1 0
Mature content
Blind Leading Trouble :iconawkardoddone:AwkardOddOne 0 0
Rhyme Time
It was a soulful kind of setting day,
many warm colors fading away into dark,
when seeing the red roses bleed into streaks,
that formed into purple plums and beaming array of orange,
it just seem to suck out all the knowledge storage right off the hinge,
that could have been said right as so,
but there was just no words to say it any other way,
almost as the winds can't control where they go and sail in wild gusts of barks,
many as that it goes it can't be simply sow,
life isn't like a cloth that can be mend in other what others hope in weeks,
it's almost has trying to drop a rhyme,
at a drop of a hat for any given time,
we can't will the future for ourselves to be what we want it,
not something like that can be done even on most willing thoughts,
so sure on thinking of it now for how this goes as everything is just a skit,
and we are the actors playing without worry and yet nerves are in tangled knots,
we want to make the impossible real,
giving out everything we feel,
yet that's not
:iconawkardoddone:AwkardOddOne 1 0
Scares and Cheers
If anyone said once that you had a sick mind,
that you could handled any kind of gore through at you,
you were like a fucking champ to many that wouldn't show weakness.
Torture porn films was the rage to get the blood pumping harder than raw sugarcane,
the horror genre was your baby that your cared for to the day you died,
during games you gave a cackle when characters bodies went launching into the sky.
You become very much unfazed by the today news mostly on what they don't show,
but if anything though you draw a line somewhere on looking like you are not.
And I repeat not the spawn of devil that walks the inferno realms!
Yet you are not anything of normal value to a lot out there because you might end up,
I don't know the chances of laughing at a funeral or something that subdue,
I don't know what gets your kicks off this day and age,
while everything else seems to be on a wait list to be banned one way or another.
But you know after the creep factor dies a bit and you find yourself
:iconawkardoddone:AwkardOddOne 0 2
They're Something Else
She gave me something I thought that couldn't be worth much,
a smile shining bright than any jewel or gleam as any gold,
it was a dazzle hex that hooked me good and I wasn't go anyway.
But I sure as hell wasn't complaining as she became my new air to breathe,
I became like a child running around the candy shop aisles looking for pixy sticks,
she drove my heart ablaze by her words and subtle actions like a pose snake,
at the ready to strike me down and I just didn't care at all.
Even when I found out some things in her past that most find taboo or unnatural,
I looked past it and rethought our future more carefully after those sudden changes.
Even now I think she's still in shock of how easily I let this between us,
when most would have walked out the door by now and never looking back,
on the one that made the world a little brighter to them and by do hard tries.
I didn't want to see her go right a way out that door because maybe I couldn't accept it,
maybe in certain ways I didn't in a
:iconawkardoddone:AwkardOddOne 0 4
Falling Hard
This is going to be the night to remember,
something to have and to hold where nothing but the fireworks,
can be seen from the highest buildings as the people move as ants,
the night is here and here to stay with nothing to regret,
while everyone is here for the cheers and the booze,
they'll never know when the night is through,
just another ant lost in their way thinking life was good,
even for a short time,
but there are no regrets right now,
and by this last will call out,
no one else should ever go this far,
no rhymes to give a fuck here,
falling farther than what anyone could ever to think,
there is nothing else to need here,
everything has been done and said,
what was important now to just move on,
without one thing holding it back,
but that can't be done alone,
the clock is ticking away and the fireworks,
with the moon and stars as light ahead given,
every boom echoing in the ears,
drowns out what doesn't need to be said,
soon everything will be right again,
they'll be okay,
:iconawkardoddone:AwkardOddOne 0 2
Molten Night
I found myself in a humorous sense of seeing things,
while having a martini in hand,
clear through the glass with an olive swishing around,
the toothpick between my lips,
looking out on the warm night of a cloudless starry sky,
a moon almost full in sight,
as it casted down light below,
shadowing everything,
yet not enough to cover what layers can't hide,
alone on the balcony with the party living inside,
going back seemed like a good idea,
but I just couldn't find the heart to go back in,
not really fair in some ways,
I mean everything up to now has been the smoothest by far,
nothing felt like it was miss placed,
I'm happy for once,
with someone who is grateful beyond my own words,
to even waste time on me stayed and more so,
yet this night,
I feel like jumping,
maybe it's that it feels too easy to be real,
with how everything was up to this point,
I find it hard to believe it just happen,
in the far lands of a Morocco view,
it just couldn't be that easy,
but here I am,
living the hig
:iconawkardoddone:AwkardOddOne 0 0
Hellhole Gunshots
The tang of jazz played in an echoing, lullaby soft through the car, as the driver and lone passenger minding themselves through the busy roads. The driver looking ahead, careful of the roads in the most neutral of ways. The passenger clicking and sliding on their phone, silencing when certain tones and rings broke out, making sure the driver paid no mind, yet the glancing eyes to each other made it clear.
"He seemed pretty pissed of you walking out like that." The driver stated.
"When is he not? I don't get to be out that much, and it was just a pick up, after all. We done this loads of times. What made today any different?"
"Maybe the buyers."
The passenger rolled their eyes from the dry tone, eyes soon focusing on the phone once more.
"Well, I guess after everything is settled. He'll calmed down and forget all about it."
"Before or after he finds another reason to freak out. Trust me when I say this; he'll never let it be. Ain't the most honest of when it comes to letting there be p
:iconawkardoddone:AwkardOddOne 2 2
Not Wanting to Die in Battle
I found myself in a corner I can't get out of,
yet still I remain strong,
not to show weakness in the slightest of ways,
to show I am strong,
able to push onward into the night,
fighting hard in a world that doesn't want me,
I don't want to die like this,
but between you and me,
friend or not,
if it was coming down to it,
I kill you or you got to kill me,
if there was no other way around it,
no means of beating around the bush,
because there is no one listening,
wanting to hear reasoning be shown,
don't wasted strength of where it's needed,
because before you know it,
something you cared for,
is going to be put on the line,
and you are going to have to fight,
for it or against it,
no matter the memories shared,
no longer of how many years gone by,
how strong those passionate emotions may be,
between six feet above and below,
is where it's coming from,
I don't want to die,
and I am sure you don't want either,
yet there is no choice of hearing that if,
it's not happening because in a gam
:iconawkardoddone:AwkardOddOne 1 0


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